Japanese Journal of Behavior Analysis

The Japanese Journal of Behavior Analysis (J-JBA) publishes experimental, applied, theoretical, and practical research articles in behavior analysis, two issues per year. J-JBA contains the following categories of articles.

Articles: Experimental and applied research articles describing original work in behavior analysis.

Practical Research: Reports of practices applying research findings to socially important problems.

Short Reports: Brief descriptions of innovative, pilot experiments or case studies.

Technical Notes: Manuscripts reporting new or revised research methodology and instrumentation.

Review: Literature reviews.

Discussion: Theoretical analyses and philosophical discussions of related topics.

Tutorial: Commentary of concepts in behavior analysis for instructional purposes.

Book Reviews: Review of books that are of interest to J-JBA readers.

Guidelines for submission

Guidelines for submission are available in Japanese at the Japanese version of this web-site. Although J-JBA mainly publishes articles written in Japanese, it occasionally publishes articles written in English. Please contact the Chief Editor if you wish to submit an article in English.

Editorial Board

 Satoru Shimamune, Hosei University
Supervisory Editor
 Kazuchika Manabe, Nihon University
Associate Editors
 Kenjiro Aoyama, Doshisha University
 Takashi Muto, Ritsumeikan University
 Toshio Asano, Aichi University
Board of Editors for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
 Koichi Ono, Komazawa University
 Ken'ichi Fuji, Ritsumeikan University
 Masato Ito, Osaka City University
 Takayuki Sakagami, Keio University
 Kyoichi Hiraoka, Hirosaki University
 Tetsumi Moriyama, Tokiwa University
 Sadahiko Nakajima, Kwansei Gakuin University
 Hiroto Okouchi, Osaka Kyoiku University
 Hiroyuki Tajima, Shokei Gakuin University
 Naoki Yamagishi, Ryutsu Keizai University
 Takeharu Igaki, Tokyo Jogakkan College
 Toshihiko Yoshino, Kobe Shinwa Women's University
 Taku Ishii, Keio University
 Shin Tsunematsu, Ritsumeikan University
 Daisuke Saeki, Osaka City University
Board of Editors for Applied Behavior Analysis
 Tanaka-Matsumi Junko, Kwansei Gakuin University
 Jun-ichi Yamamoto, Keio University
 Masahiko Inoue, Tottori University
 Yayoi Kamakura, Aichi Prefectural University
 Fumiyuki Noro, University of Tsukuba
 Kouji Oishi, Rikkyo University
 Shinzo Isawa, Hyogo University of Teacher Education
 Hiroshi Yamasaki, Kochi Rehabilitation Institute
 Kenji Okuda, Ohkagakuen University
 Noriko Hirasawa, Gifu University
 Hirofumi Shimizu, Headsprout
 Tomohiko Muranaka, Joetsu University of Education
 Kensuke Ishikawa, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
 Kei Ogasahara, Tokyo Gakugei University
 Shigeru Haramaki, Pyramid Educational Consultants of Japan
 Koji Takeuchi, Meisei University
 Yuki Dojo, Joetsu University of Education
 Kenichi Ohkubo, Hokkaido University of Education
 Naoki Yoneyama, Kwansei Gakuin University
 Hironobu Shimoda, Gunma University
English Reviewer
 Stephanie S. Tomiyasu

Abstracts Search

The titles, authors, and abstracts of the articles that have been published in J-JBA are available in Japanese at this web-site <J-JBA>. We are currently working on the English version.

Back Issues

Some of the J-JBA's back issues may be still in stock. You may inquire about the availability to J-ABA Office.

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J-ABA News

J-ABA News is the association's official newsletter, with 4 issues published per year. It contains information concerning behavior analysis, both inside and outside of Japan. Please e-mail to the Editor if you wish to submit an essay, report, or any other kind of information that needs to be disseminated among the members of the association.

You can now read J-ABA News on this web-site!! (Sorry but only Japanese version is available.) <J-ABA News>

The Editor

Akira Mochizuki (Ritsumeikan University)

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